Friday, August 20, 2010


So whip me with a wet noodle. It's been a long time since I posted. (chuckle)

Women have a tendency to hint at things. What they want to do and what would please them if it happened. Most often subtle hints. I don’t know if they do it to see if men can guess, to tease them, to see if we’re paying attention or just for the fun of torturing us. Lol

Yeah okay, sometimes we men do not notice these hints. Duh…Either we’re preoccupied thinking about work or that shiny new car that we saw, or that hot looking new employee at the office. (oops okay I’m married not dead…yet) The list goes on.

Sometimes we’re just dumb and don’t see. We’re not mind readers. But then women aren’t mind readers either…I don’t think… Gads, that’s a frightening thought…okay I digress.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes we dumb men need unsubtle hints. A smack between the eyes so to speak. Lol

If you’re uncomfortable coming out and saying what you want directly to us, then perhaps leave little notes around that we’ll be sure to find. Be creative here. Articles cut out of magazines. Photos of places you’d like to go, etc. You could even disguise them as notes to yourself. Dream fantasies. Something you’d like to do, somewhere you’d like to go. And of course, something you’d like to have. Just suggestions.

I’ve been married a lot of years. I won’t make any smart comments here because I’ve learned not too. I’ve had bruises on my arm and ribs when she’s jabbed me to prove it’s not a wise thing to do, no matter how funny it seems to make those comments at the time. You never want to forget the number of years you’ve been married and be able to tell her in private but at the same time you never want to say IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME in public. chuckle.

Even though I’ve been married for some time, I still miss a lot of those hints. Guess I’ll never develop the knack for picking them up. I'm not receptive of ESP either. Lol Anyway, I’ve probably missed a lot of hints over the years and she got peeved because I didn’t follow through… Sorry! I’m just being a dumb man. Lol

Have a fantaboulous day