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The Daughters of Teelan a WIP

This story is science fiction in genre. Gina is part human and part alien. She has the ability to bend light and thus make herself invisible and she can cast fire balls from her hands. Grant is the name of her artificial intelligence implant. The two of them communicate mentally.  

Gina jolted awake to the sound of muffled explosions. Before she could react, her stateroom tilted to a steep angle tossing her from bed to roll across the floor in a jumble of arms and legs. She crashed against a wall, almost jarring the breath from her.
“Lights,” she screamed out to the room’s computer to dispel the darkness.
Nothing happened. Something flew in the dark and struck her in the head. A deeper blackness consumed her.
Her eyes flashed open. Dim red light glowed in her dark cabin.
Emergency lights
The floor had leveled somewhat from the steep angle. Why didn’t the compensators kick in? She scrambled to her feet and placed her hand on her forehead. It came back sticky.
“Grant,” She reached out mentally to her artificial intelligence implant. How long was I unconscious?”
“About an hour Gina,” he-it answered.
“I need information on what is happening, now!”
“I’ve tried to access the ship’s computer with no success. I will try again.
She opened the wall panel to get at her clothing. Behind her, she heard a hissing noise and turning, saw the door latch glowing. Quickly she dropped into one corner of her stateroom. The lock melted, the door swung wide and a tall hairless, alabaster white being entered.
 Men-gar. The single word blazed through her mind like a searing brand fueling intense hatred.
Gina…” Grant started.
“Silence.” She warned mentally. I need to concentrate on what is happening.
She hoped the invisibility field that she was generating would prevent the being from detecting her. If not A feral smile crossed the features of her face and her fingers splayed. I will make the Men-gar pay for this. I can destroy this one but it will alert the others. They will kill me in the end but not before I take the lives of many of these monsters.
The armed Men-gar turned and left the room leaving the door ajar. It retreated into the hallway. The traits of caution and reason kicked in dampening her intense hatred slightly. Traits from her aunt Kat that were also part of her. Genes that had been inserted in her before birth and were just as much part of her makeup as the ones inherited from her mother and father.
Gina sighed in relief. She followed intent on procuring further information about the situation. Standing in her door, she watched the Men-gar as he systematically checked each stateroom door.  He burned the latch off the ones that were locked.
In one room she heard a person cry out when the Men-gar fired its weapon. It entered the room and a few moments later the Men-gar soldier shoved a woman who was holding her arm, out into the hall.  
Gina watched in helpless anger when the soldier poked and prodded the woman down the hall. Though she had her father, Aden’s light skin and green eyes, she had her mother Emma’s hot blooded aggressive nature. Her blood was boiling right now. Her fingers spread. Fire suddenly snapped and popped between them. The pair reached the end of the hall and stepping into the lift beam, rose into the air.
She dashed down the corridor and looked up just in time to observe the two step out of the lift shaft into the 2nd floor corridor above. Quickly she accessed the layout she was familiar with.
Not much. Only the passenger areas.
Primarily a freight hauler, the Fallon only had two dozen passenger cabins. Twelve on the floor where she was and twelve on the third floor above. Between, on the second floor, was the dining area and recreation area.  The front of the spaceship was crew quarters and command center. The bulk of the Fallon was dedicated to freight and that section was to the rear of the passenger area. Behind the freight areas were the engines. Although she had never been in it, she knew there was a tunnel that ran the length of the ship granting access to every section at the top of the ship’s interior.
Still generating her field of invisibility she trailed the pair. Stepping out of the lift field on the second floor, she crept down the hall. She flattened herself against a wall when she entered the dining section. Twenty Men-gar filled it. The woman captive was kneeling in the center of the room with ten other captives.
The translator located under the skin just below her left ear, vibrated slightly. The Men-gar words were immediately understandable. The tall being standing in front of the kneeling captives spoke. That it was a she, was discernable by the four breasts that bulged beneath her flightsuit. That she was the one in charge was denoted by the necklace around her throat. It was not a decoration but a badge of rank.    
“This is the last humans?”
“Yes mistress,” the soldier Gina had followed, answered with bowed head. “All the rooms have been searched. I cannot speak for the other areas at the front and rear of the ship.”

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My interview with author Kameron Brook

 I would like to welcome Kameron Brook who has consented to be here and answer a few questions about his/herself. To begin tell us a little about yourself.
Dirk and Kameron's bio: Kameron and Dirk, a passionate couple in and out of the bedroom, has decided to join forces and bring their erotic imagination to life with words. Their solo stories are electric; however, the works they create together will practically sizzle off the page. Yes, they might live in a quiet suburb neighborhood, but they’re anything but tame and unadventurous. A fact you shall read and learn about soon enough.

1. What is the main genre you write?
Erotica – lesbian, gay, straight, and ménage.

2. Do your stories involve romance? If you write romance stories do they usually have an HEA/HFN ending or do you prefer otherwise.
Every story Dirk and I write had oodles of romance and end on a happy note. We feel everyone deserves happiness and love in their life and attempt to convey this in our creations.

3. Do you outline your stories before you start writing? Do you know the beginning, middle and end in advance or do you just start writing and let the story unfold as it wishes?
When I sit down and write, I just type away. I don’t sketch out a path on the document but in my head, I know where I’d like for it to go. Sometimes, I put in notes where I think Dirk should definitely contribute to a section. Other times, he jumps in where he feels inspired to add his voice.

4. How do you build your characters? Do they come to you on their own and tell you about themselves, or do you create them and thus control their formation?

Since most of our characters are based off real life people we’ve encountered, it’s not difficult to express their appearance and demeanor. For those are frictional, we just wing it and see what develops as we type.

5. Do you write erotica, mainstream, something else?
As of right now, we only write erotica.

6. Does reading stories of an erotic nature make you uncomfortable? Do same sex or ménages make you uncomfortable to read about or see?
Same sex and ménage books don’t make me bat an eye. I’ll read them as long as the characters are ALL consenting adults. I WON’T READ any of the following: pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, rape for arousal, scat, or urine play.

7. I know many publishers have guidelines they want, but do you prefer to write, flash stories (1K or less), short stories or ones that are novella and novel in length.
Right now, I’m quite comfortable with our stories ranging around 6,000 words. However, we are discussing writing one that is closer to 9,000. Dirk thinks we can pull it off and I love his confidence in us so we shall see.

8. Do you have a current WIP and if so what genre is it?
We have two WIP’s. “The F*cking Bucket List” will be erotic with scenes between same sex, ménage and straight couples. “A Weekend in the Burbs” will encompass the same scenes.

9. What is your opinion on Indie publishers versus Self publishing?
Publishers: You don’t have to worry about finding covers, editors, and formatting it to hit various sites.
Self publishing: There’s a thrill about having complete control over which cover will showcase your work. Some are very costly so that’s a negative. We do like the ability to go into our Amazon account and check on our sales. We can choose when and how often to make it free. That’s pretty righteous.

10. How do you visualize the future of writing? Is it in Ebook form or print, or do you see a mixture of both?
I hope print books never disappear. Dirk, on the other hand, would love everything to be digital. For me, there’s something about holding a new book. Hell, even holding an old one. Cross fingers, my wish comes true and not his!

11. Five words to best describe you. Serious, humorous, personable, reserved, etc.
sweet, honest, easy-going, happy, and friendly

12. Do you have pets and if so what kind?
One, shorthaired black cat – Chester

13. When you sit down to write do you need to be in a certain room? Outside? Do you like to have music in the background or silence? Do you prefer to be dressed or undressed? (Okay humor and you may answer the last question or not.)
My favorite spot to write is the edge seat on the sectional. Sorry, but I never write in the buff. Like now, I’m typing while wearing lounge pants and a fluffy plaid robe.

14. How would you term yourself? Disorganized? Orderly? Are you a neat or sloppy dresser?
I have a wee case of OCD but nothing compared to Monk (cancelled TV show – detective). I don’t like things dirty or out of place but I won’t totally wig out if I see a crumb. Umm, yeah, don’t ask Dirk incase his answer differs than my admission.

15. Do you consider yourself clumsy or graceful?
I’ve been known to be both at times.

16. Do you have a favorite word or phrase?
I say a lot of wacky phrases or words. Anyone who’s talked to me will be familiar with “cool beans”, “coolness”, “hot dog”, “what the freck” and “shazam”.  There’s more but that’s enough of my weirdness for now.

17. Your favorite movie or movies?
I like romantic comedies and action. No gore ever!

18. Which holiday do you prefer, Halloween or Christmas?
Both - Halloween costumes and Christmas ornaments

19. Are you a late sleeper or early riser?
I’m up at 7 for the school run.

20. Are you wild about chocolate or can you take it or leave it?
Leave it!

21. Do you remember your first kiss? Would you like to tell us about it?
I had a few pecks here and there but my first French Kiss was at the age of fifteen. He slobbered all over my face. Gross!  I remember the next day he bragged how good the kiss was and I stood there shocked and at a loss for words. I didn’t want to tell him how awful it was so I waited a couple days and broke it off.  Remember, I was only a kid and then, I didn’t think about teaching them how to slow down and enjoy the moment. If it happened now, at my age of 35, I would. 

22. Your preference. A slow romantic build up, (fancy candlelight dinner, flowers, dancing) or wild tear-your-clothes-off sex.
I’ve never been a fancy dinner or flowers kind of gal. Not even at anniversaries or Valentine’s. Sometimes I do like a slow build-up and other times, give it to me hard and fast.

23. Last question of a personal nature Bacon, take it or leave it?
Pass unless it’s on a BLT.
24. Do you have any new projects coming up?
We are happy to announce “Sinfully Delicious” came out yesterday. 

25. List one of your works you would like to share with us. Buy link, blurb, excerpt or all of them.
Kam and Dirk collaboration – “Sinfully Delicious” (M/F)

Book Summary:
Christine's been without a man for far too long, so she lets her BFF Jasmine talk her into speed-dating. Unfortunately, far too many of her dates are romantic non-starters -- in the worst way. But all it takes is one... and when the right man comes along, he's Sinfully Delicious.

Available at:


Wednesday Evening

It’d been two years, six months, and fourteen days since Christine had felt the loving touch of anyone but herself -- not that she was keeping track. Which was the reason she’d allowed her best gal-pal, Jasmine, to talk her into heading out tonight and giving the speed-dating scene a try… again.
“Woo hoo, Christine. Come in. Are you with me?”
Christine studied her completed look in the glass door of the Midnight Rendezvous. She held the phone tucked between her ear and shoulder while she kept tugging at the hem of her dress, which barely covered her ass cheeks. “Jasmine, I can’t believe you talked me into this get-up. I’m literally popping out all over.”
“Babe, you look hot, so quit the bitching and stop tugging on it.”
Christine’s hands stalled and dropped to her sides. “How’d you know what I was doing? Are you lurking nearby?”
Jasmine’s voice rose an octave. “Hello, best friend here. I know you, and I know you’re freaking the hell out. Do me a favor and relax, because any man would be lucky to have you. Now, hang up and get your sexy ass inside.”
Christine gave herself a final once-over and took a deep breath, releasing it slowly. “Thanks, Jasmine. You always know how to calm me down. Love you.”
“I love you too. Now go.”
Christine nervously inched her way over to the sign-up table, paid the twenty-dollar fee, picked up a nametag, and found an unoccupied chair. As the announcer went over all the rules of the event, she eyed the prospects and found several who looked attractive. Hope began to blossom. It seemed simple enough. Every two minutes a new man would sit down across from her and engage in a brief conversation. If she believed a connection was made, she would place his name on a card. The men would do the same, and if there was a match between cards, both parties would be notified through an email. “I can do this,” she mumbled.
The announcer rang the bell.
The first eligible bachelor, Bradley, sat down, and it was two minutes of pure awkwardness. His hands shook uncontrollably, and he wouldn’t stop apologizing. He refused to make eye contact and finally excused himself to the restroom, leaving her alone.
Christine couldn’t believe how badly the night was starting off. She tried to embrace Jasmine’s glass half full attitude and hope the next guy would at least remain seated for the entire two minutes.
Ding. A very handsome man with perfect features slid into the chair across from Christine. She noticed right off the bat he had no wrinkle lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines -- nada. She found that odd until he spoke. Then it all became clear. Unlike Bradley, he didn’t say “Hi” or offer any other pleasantries. His gaze traveled from her face down to her chest, head tilting left to right, and then he spoke. “You have a beautiful face and body, from what I can see, for a woman of your age, but if you ever decide to fix your trouble spots, I’d be happy to give you a discount.”
Christine couldn’t believe her luck. She already doubted her looks, and now this man she didn’t know was judging her appearance? Great, just freaking great. If she were Jasmine, she would’ve been spewing words that would make a sailor blush; however, Christine hated public confrontations. Instead she put on a fake smile. “Don’t bother writing my name down.” Their remaining time couldn’t possibly end quickly enough for her liking.
Ding. “Thank God that’s over.” One look at the surgeon, and she realized she’d spoken aloud. She opened her mouth to apologize, but before she could get the chance, he turned and walked away.
Prospective dates three through twelve were nice enough, but she knew they’d be no more than friends, and not the kind with naughty benefits. Her shoulders slumped in depression and she wondered why she’d let Jasmine talk her into this. A dozen men had come and gone but none lit a fire in her belly. Eyes downcast, she waited to hear the sound of a chair scraping the floor.
Instead, she felt cool glass press against her palm and a warm breath against her ear. “I didn’t know what you normally drink, but I sensed you needed something strong.”
Christine looked up into the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen. They were almost hypnotic, and his voice was equally distracting, drawing her in. She was clueless about how long she stared at him like a lovesick puppy, but it was long enough that another bachelor took his position for the two-minute meet and greet. Spell broken, she addressed dreamy eyes first because she had to know his name. “Umm, yes, thank you, Mr…”
“You may call me Sin.” Then he stood upright and kept all his attention on her but clearly directed his words to the gentleman across the table. “If you were a smart man, you’d start the conversation by telling her how gorgeous she looks tonight. Let her know no other woman has ever looked lovelier in your eyes. That from the moment you saw her, you wanted nothing more than to feel her lips against yours, to touch her and be touched by her.”
Christine grew more aroused with each word Sin uttered. She’d come out tonight looking for a spark, and damn if she hadn’t found a five-alarm fire. Did Sin realize the effect his words were having on her?
He winked, and her silent question was answered. Damn him, he knew exactly what he was doing to her. The other bachelor cleared his throat. “Yeah, thanks for the advice, but I don’t need it. I’ve got this.”
Sin’s face tensed up. “Not yet, you don’t.”

Thank you for stopping by Kameron Brook. It was a pleasure sharing your thoughts and comments.

And thank you, Gary, for having me here and allowing me the opportunity to share information about myself and “Sinfully Delicious”.

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Excerpt from Zumia a WIP

Excerpt (unedited) from my WIP Zumia near the beginning of the story. Grady and Tuyen grew up together as kids and are now co-owners of a charter flying service. Their primary occupation is delivering clients to resort destinations in Central America. Carson Naplier has hired them and as you will see, Tuyen is not impressed with Mr. Naplier's lecherous ways.   

Grady made the pre-checks of his instruments and started the left engine. When it came up to speed, he started the right one. The roar of the PBYs engines and the vibrations rippling through the craft were soothing to him. With both props spinning in a blur, he peered at the instruments again. Satisfied, he relaxed and let the engines warm up. His pretty copilot slipped into her seat beside him.
 “Everything secure back there and is our passenger comfortable Tuyen?” he asked, glancing out of the corner of his eye and with a smile on his face.
She returned his smile with an angry frown “Humph,” she snorted. “If that fucker grabs my ass or rubs my leg one more time when I walk by, I’m going to turn around and slap the shit out of him. Especially if he propositions me again.”
 Grady's mind focused on his little flight attendant-slash-friend-slash-partner. Tuyen was twenty-three now and she was most definitely, no longer that skinny little girl. Though still short, just under five feet, she’d filled out in all the right places and was now a very beautiful young woman. She had black shoulder-length hair and dark brown eyes that glistened with intelligence. In addition to her great looks, she was feisty as hell and sharp as a tack. Something he both loved and hated about her.
His thoughts jolted back to the present. Sometimes she’s still a pain in the ass, just a little older and a whole lot prettier. I love her as a friend though. He hid a grin from her that was triggered by his thoughts. 
“Now, now mustn’t anger the passenger,” he joked. “Mr. Naplier paid a lot of money for our services.”
“Grabbing my ass or touching any other part of my anatomy, for that matter, is not--I repeat, is not--a part of the services offered,” she snapped.
"Want me to go back there kick his butt and boot him off our plane?" he asked.
"No. You're right, Mr. Naplier paid a lot. Besides if there's any ass kicking to be done you know I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself."
“I know. Tuyen I can hardly blame the guy.” He took his eyes off the instruments, cast a sideways glance at her and winked. Her white half-sleeve button type blouse was made of a silky material. A narrow tie, blazer and mini skirt were all royal-blue. White slip-on tennis shoes completed her uniform. “Your tight little body and those well-tanned, shapely legs of yours are to die for. I will remind you that the outfit you’re wearing was your idea, not mine." If I wasn't afraid of compromising our friendship I’d no doubt find it hard to resist a little touching myself. 
“Humph,” she snorted.   
 “I'll admit the advertisement picture with the two of us standing in front of the PBY and you wearing that mini certainly doesn’t hurt business. You know what they say, sex sells. You look hot in that outfit.”
He noted that the already short mini skirt she wore had ridden higher with her seated, exposing even more of her well-toned legs. In fact, almost their entire length was exposed. Quickly, he glanced away, but not before he saw her initial glare at him soften and a smile come to her shiny red lips.
“Thanks… At least I’ll take what you said and the look you just gave me as a compliment.” Her soft reply almost purred. “You look pretty yummy yourself.”
Glancing down, he viewed his own outfit. She had designed one for him too. He wore the same royal blue color dress slacks, with matching tie and a white shirt. His royal blue sport coat hung in the closet behind him, beside her blazer. Both his sport coat and her blazer had a company logo on it that depicted a PBY and the company name on the left pocket. Though he never wore it, his captain's hat was in the closet too.
From their frequent candid conversations during their lengthy flights he knew Tuyen wasn’t a prude. On several occasions she had accompanied one of their clients as a companion during their stay. He had little doubt that sex was involved but it had always been her choice to accept or decline the invitation. He had been a companion to more than one of their female clients himself so he certainly was not judgmental of Tuyen. Although he and Tuyen did not have a physical arrangement, he frequently had erotic dreams of her naked in his arms.
Feeling his cheeks heat at his thoughts, he knew he was blushing and hoped she didn’t notice. He had never made any advances toward her, nor tried to move their relationship to a different level. There was no way he wanted to jeopardize their friendship by introducing a physical one.
During their conversation, he finished warming up the engines and taxied out on the runway. “Are you buckled in?”
“Yep,” she answered.
After final clearance from the airport tower, he took off. When they leveled off he turned in the direction of their destination, set the autopilot and relaxed.
While Grady was busy taking off, Tuyen studied him. Grady wasn’t tall, slightly less than six feet. Even so he towered over her. His blond hair didn’t quite cover his ears and was, as always, mussed up. Blue eyes and a muscular frame made him very attractive to members of the opposite sex.
On more than one occasion, she imagined him taking her naked body, pressing it against his equally naked one, and covering her lips with kisses. A smile stretched her lips.
 “What are you smiling about?”
“Just thinking of that day we became partners," she lied.
“Not a one. And you?”
“Nope. Working with a shrewd business woman that just happens to be my best friend is great. A woman that’s, by the way, drop dead gorgeous. What more could I ask for?”
“Wow, now that was a compliment. Thanks Grady.”
He smiled and changed the topic. “Our passenger paid a large amount for our services.”
“I don’t care how much Mr. Naplier paid; he’s not entitled to grope me. For Christ's sakes Grady, he's an older man. Older than my father. He has to be at least in his mid-fifties. Nobody is entitled to touch this body without my permission.” 
“I’ll speak to him,” Grady sighed.
“Thanks. I’ll put up with his roaming hands this time for the sake of your… our business but I have an idea. If he ever hires our services again you can wear the fucking mini skirt and I’ll fly the damn plane.” When Grady snapped his head to look at her, she flashed him an impish smile. 
For a moment he visualized himself wearing a mini skirt, judging from the grin on her face, Tuyen was picturing the same thing in her mind.
“I hardly think he’d be interested in touching my legs or ass. I don’t think Mr. Carson Naplier is attracted to men. Besides, as I said before, your tight little body is very appealing, while mine, is not.” He laughed more.
“Well I guess I should go see if Mr. fucking Hands wants a drink or a snack, or maybe both.” 
“I’m sure I know of one snack Mr. Naplier be very happy to have,” he said in jest.
Tuyen slapped him on the arm. “Well that snack is not on the menu and most definitely not for Mr. Hands. Maybe I’ll accidently stumble and dump a cold drink in his lap. That should cool things off a little.”
“Tu-yen,” he warned.
“Oh I won’t. I can’t help but think about it though. I’ll behave myself.”
“Now that would be a first.” He grinned. “You behaving I mean.”
Winking, she blew him a kiss. “Just don’t get used to it. My behaving.” Slipping from her seat, she smoothed her skirt back down. She grabbed its hem and in vain tried to pull it down further. Glancing up at him, she put two fingers at the corners and stretched her lips into a fake grin.
“See, I’m smiling.”
“That’s a smile of pure evil,” he teased.
“Regretting your decision?”
“Not one bit.”
“Good because you’re stuck with me now… partner.”
“Go do your thing partner.”
“I can hardly wait to dump our passenger off and stop in Mexico on the way back. We are still stopping there aren’t we?”
“That’s the plan.”
“Good because I got this tiny little kini that I’m planning to use.”
“I intend to use it as bait when I’m trolling for a handsome hunk on the beach in Cancun.”
He shook his head. “That smile on your face isn’t fake anymore.”
“Nope. I’m thinking of that hunk.” She cleared her throat. “Would you like me to bring you something?” she asked over her shoulder before she left the cockpit to go back into the rear of the plane.
“No thanks, not right now.” 

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Excerpt from Zumia a WIP

Excerpt from Zumia (unedited)
Tuyen is small, less than five feet tall and of Vietnamese decent. Grady and Xaria are her mates. Tuyen and Grady are from present day Earth. They are in a village of primitives having a celebration feast around a central fire. Women in this village are treated  like property, slaves. Bltomos one of the large warriors, has just shoved a young girl away because she spilled on him while trying to refill his drink. Tuyen is confronting him. Ptolemy is the village chief.

 “Go little woman. Run back to your mate before I hurt you. It’s only because you’re guests of our chief that I have not shown you what a woman’s place really is. Go hide behind your mate. I’m sure I could beat him easily. He doesn’t look so tuff and he sure doesn’t know how to control his women.” Bltomos blustered.
“I don’t need a man to fight for me. Grady could best you easily, but I fight my own battles. It’s me, the little woman standing before you, who challenges you. Don’t get up Bltomos I know you for the coward you are.”
No doubt racking her mind to come up with the worst insult possible that Bltomos would understand she continued. “You’re less than worm-shit. You can only pick on small children. I’ll only say this once. Leave the children alone and shut-the-fuck-up or I’ll come back over here and kick your ugly fucking ass. You’re a waste of time, a waste of the sperm that created you, fucking coward.” Tuyen spun on her heel and turned her back to Bltomos, adding even more insult.
Only he and Xaria understood the smile on her face and the wink she gave them. Tuyen knew damn well, what was going to happen next. In fact, he was sure she was counting on it.
“Oh shit, get ready Xaria babe. I’m afraid that Tuyen’s going to get into a fight with Bltomos,” he whispered to Xaria in English.
“I sense that too and I’m ready,” she answered. Pressed against his, he felt her leg tense as she readied herself to spring to her feet. He glanced down and saw Xaria release the holster strap securing her pistol.
The insult to his manhood was the last straw. Just as Tuyen had intended, it goaded Bltomos into action. He saw Bltomos glare daggers at Tuyen’s back. A bellow of rage tumbled from him, and he leaped to his feet. He charged at Tuyen’s back. “I will beat you senseless little woman,” he roared.
Bltomos closed the distance until he was directly behind her. Reaching back at the last moment, she grabbed one of his hands and flipped him over her back using his own forward motion as leverage.
He landed sprawled face up on the ground in front of her with a look of dazed confusion on his face. Doubtless, he couldn’t understand what had just happened. Breathing loudly and heavily to regain the wind that had been knocked out of him, he scrambled to his feet. He charged her again, this time from the front. Tuyen stood waiting calmly. At the last possible second, her hands flashed forward and grabbed him at the wrist. She spun and flipped him over her back. Again, he landed heavily in front of her on his backside and hard enough to send up puffs of dust. Dazed and confused, Bltomos scrambled to his feet. Twice more he charged her with the same result each time.   
“Is that the best you can do Bltomos? You’re a pathetic excuse for a warrior. You can’t even win against a little girl.” Tuyen taunted.
 So far, Bltomos had not been able to land one blow of his powerful fists on her. She was making him look like a fool. Several of the warriors in the circle started to laugh at him.
Pausing for a moment to catch his breath, he growled at them. “You don’t understand. This woman is like a wizard. First, she is there and then she is not.”
Jeers met his explanation.
 Tuyen faced him going into a crouch. He charged again. Just before he got to her, Bltomos reached down and grabbed a handful of sand. He threw this in Tuyen’s eyes.
Snapping her eyes closed, she was almost in time, but not quite. Bltomos wrapped his bear like arms around her, lifted her from her feet and crushed her against him. From what Grady had seen of Bltomos, he was certain, the man intended to break her back.
He started to get to his feet with the intention of putting a bullet between the monsters eyes and from the corner of his eye saw Xaria doing the same. Before either of them could rise, Tuyen took matters in her own hands once more.
All three of them knew that if Bltomos was able to use his superior strength and weight against her, she would lose, badly. Raising one of her moccasin covered feet, she raked it down the length of his skin and at the same time her knuckles doubled. Forcefully she jabbed both fists into his ribs while she butted her head into his face. Howling in pain, he let her drop and then she stomped on his sandaled foot.
Again, Bltomos bellowed in rage and pain. He pushed her away slightly. Holding her by the hair with one hand, he formed a fist with the other. Drawing back his fist, he prepared to deliver a sledgehammer blow to the side of her face.
Tuyen brought up her knee sharply, connecting it with devastating effect, to his groin almost lifting him off the ground.
Bltomos forgot about hitting her. His breath whooshed out. The fist vanished into a hand that cupped protectively over his sex.
Tuyen was not finished yet. As Bltomos bent forward in pain, she grabbed his hair and pulled his face downward. It met with her knee that was coming up very sharply. There was a sickening crunch and then Bltomos was falling backwards. His nose was pushed to one side and blood started to gush from it. He spat out several broken teeth from his mouth. Tuyen turned her back on him again, and started to walk away, flicking one of his broken teeth from the cut on her leg.
The circled warriors stared, first at Bltomos, and then at Tuyen in stunned silence. With a roar of pure hatred and rage, Bltomos scrambled to his feet. He drew his knife and hobbled toward Tuyen’s back intent on stabbing her. Tuyen had not loosened the knife or the pistol strapped to her waist during the entire fight. She did not do so now.
Ptolemy jumped to his feet at the same time Grady did. Ptolemy yelled,“No. Bltomos stop.”
“Tuyen, knife,” Grady yelled.
In a heartbeat he saw the grin of victory vanish from Tuyen’s face. The appearance that replaced it was not that of a frightened woman. Her eyes narrowed but not before he saw their expression hardened, became ice cold. It was the grim look of an extremely deadly predator.
Oh fuck.
Just before Bltomos stabbed her in the back, Tuyen shifted to the side. With both hands, she grabbed his knife hand. There was no way she could stop the powerful swing but she didn’t intend to do so. Her hands just forced his arm to complete the arc and inertia it had started. Her back was no longer there to stop it but his belly was. She danced back out of range, couched and ready for another attack.
Bltomos stood for a moment in disbelief. His hand loosened its grip around the handle of the knife. His knife…the one that was buried to the hilt in his own sternum. The long blade had not only pierced his belly and sternum, the tip of it had evidently plunged into his heart. He looked up a Tuyen, confusion and shock written all over his bleeding face. His knees wobbled and then crumpled beneath him. He stood on them for a moment and then fell to the side. With a final twitch, Bltomos died.