Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Daughters of Teelan a WIP

This story is science fiction in genre. Gina is part human and part alien. She has the ability to bend light and thus make herself invisible and she can cast fire balls from her hands. Grant is the name of her artificial intelligence implant. The two of them communicate mentally.  

Gina jolted awake to the sound of muffled explosions. Before she could react, her stateroom tilted to a steep angle tossing her from bed to roll across the floor in a jumble of arms and legs. She crashed against a wall, almost jarring the breath from her.
“Lights,” she screamed out to the room’s computer to dispel the darkness.
Nothing happened. Something flew in the dark and struck her in the head. A deeper blackness consumed her.
Her eyes flashed open. Dim red light glowed in her dark cabin.
Emergency lights
The floor had leveled somewhat from the steep angle. Why didn’t the compensators kick in? She scrambled to her feet and placed her hand on her forehead. It came back sticky.
“Grant,” She reached out mentally to her artificial intelligence implant. How long was I unconscious?”
“About an hour Gina,” he-it answered.
“I need information on what is happening, now!”
“I’ve tried to access the ship’s computer with no success. I will try again.
She opened the wall panel to get at her clothing. Behind her, she heard a hissing noise and turning, saw the door latch glowing. Quickly she dropped into one corner of her stateroom. The lock melted, the door swung wide and a tall hairless, alabaster white being entered.
 Men-gar. The single word blazed through her mind like a searing brand fueling intense hatred.
Gina…” Grant started.
“Silence.” She warned mentally. I need to concentrate on what is happening.
She hoped the invisibility field that she was generating would prevent the being from detecting her. If not A feral smile crossed the features of her face and her fingers splayed. I will make the Men-gar pay for this. I can destroy this one but it will alert the others. They will kill me in the end but not before I take the lives of many of these monsters.
The armed Men-gar turned and left the room leaving the door ajar. It retreated into the hallway. The traits of caution and reason kicked in dampening her intense hatred slightly. Traits from her aunt Kat that were also part of her. Genes that had been inserted in her before birth and were just as much part of her makeup as the ones inherited from her mother and father.
Gina sighed in relief. She followed intent on procuring further information about the situation. Standing in her door, she watched the Men-gar as he systematically checked each stateroom door.  He burned the latch off the ones that were locked.
In one room she heard a person cry out when the Men-gar fired its weapon. It entered the room and a few moments later the Men-gar soldier shoved a woman who was holding her arm, out into the hall.  
Gina watched in helpless anger when the soldier poked and prodded the woman down the hall. Though she had her father, Aden’s light skin and green eyes, she had her mother Emma’s hot blooded aggressive nature. Her blood was boiling right now. Her fingers spread. Fire suddenly snapped and popped between them. The pair reached the end of the hall and stepping into the lift beam, rose into the air.
She dashed down the corridor and looked up just in time to observe the two step out of the lift shaft into the 2nd floor corridor above. Quickly she accessed the layout she was familiar with.
Not much. Only the passenger areas.
Primarily a freight hauler, the Fallon only had two dozen passenger cabins. Twelve on the floor where she was and twelve on the third floor above. Between, on the second floor, was the dining area and recreation area.  The front of the spaceship was crew quarters and command center. The bulk of the Fallon was dedicated to freight and that section was to the rear of the passenger area. Behind the freight areas were the engines. Although she had never been in it, she knew there was a tunnel that ran the length of the ship granting access to every section at the top of the ship’s interior.
Still generating her field of invisibility she trailed the pair. Stepping out of the lift field on the second floor, she crept down the hall. She flattened herself against a wall when she entered the dining section. Twenty Men-gar filled it. The woman captive was kneeling in the center of the room with ten other captives.
The translator located under the skin just below her left ear, vibrated slightly. The Men-gar words were immediately understandable. The tall being standing in front of the kneeling captives spoke. That it was a she, was discernable by the four breasts that bulged beneath her flightsuit. That she was the one in charge was denoted by the necklace around her throat. It was not a decoration but a badge of rank.    
“This is the last humans?”
“Yes mistress,” the soldier Gina had followed, answered with bowed head. “All the rooms have been searched. I cannot speak for the other areas at the front and rear of the ship.”

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