Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Excerpt from my current Wip

Caution this story is paranormal erotic romance. The sex scene is highly descriptive in nature and may offend some. If you find M/F/M sex offensive please do not read. 

"This place is different, you'll see," Mark said to them.
Meg wiggled into a more comfortable position in Joseph's lap. Every one called him Joseph except she and Mark. Joe chuckled in her ear and walked his fingers across her belly. "I'll bet." He chuckled.
He fingered the silver dangle hanging at her navel and brushed her long brown hair to one side. He kissed the nape of her neck sending shivers racing along her spine.
 "And what makes this place any different from any other strip joint," Meg asked, "Besides the fact its out in the middle of nowhere?"
Mark grinned. "The drinks are cheap, the table dances cost half as much as other places and some of them are even free."
Meg shifted and her tight mini skirt rose a little higher. Her legs spread open more. She smiled when she saw Mark's eyes shift to her lacy white silk panties. The relationship had started with her and Joe living together. Joe was just over six feet tall and thin but by no means skinny. He had short blond hair and the dreamiest blue eyes she had ever seen. His light complexion contrasted with Marks darker one. He had large hands. That's not the only large thing he has.
Meg wiggled a little feeling his erection slip into the crack of her ass. She reminisced about the awkward conversation that occurred not long after. Joe had suggested that his friend Mark move in with them to share apartment rent and other expenses. He hinted about sharing more. At first I was reluctant, shocked really. Having two men in bed with me at the same time, both with the intention of having sex, sounded very kinky. In the end the very naughtiness of it made me decide to give it a try.
Meg turned a little to provide Mark with a better view. Now I wouldn't have our arrangement any other way. She studied Mark appreciatively. Unlike Joe who had to bend down to kiss her, Mark only had to tilt his head. Okay so I'm a little short. Isn't the saying good things come in small packages?
Mark was stockier although not a bit of his muscular body was fat. His long dark hair brushed his shoulders and framed a heart shaped face. His thick lips were very kissable. Marks six-pack abs were to die for. His chestnut colored brown eyes drove her crazy with need. Mark's cock was slightly shorter than Joe's but thicker. Meg grinned. The best of both worlds just in two different men. Having sex with both of them at once was a dream come true. I don't mind making every part of me available for their pleasure and ultimately mine. She enjoyed teasing her men before taking care of their needs.
Joseph slowly unbuttoned her Maroon top and folded it open exposing her white, with black sequins, shelf bra. e  pulled down on her bra cup causing her left breast to spill out. they werem'He carefully slid each strap down on her arms and pulled down on the bra cups. First her left breast and then her right spilled out of the bra cups. Joe fondled and caressed each of them in turn. She sighed in pleasure and leaned back against his chest.
"You have fantastic tits babe," Joe said.
"I agree," Mark seconded. "Just over a handful and those dusky red areolas of yours make my mouth water just looking at them.
Meg's nipples stiffened and peaked at hearing the compliments.  
They left the last of the freeway lights behind as they drove into the country. The cars interior plunged into darkness.
"Oh no this won't do," Mark said. "I can't watch the show."
He reached up and tapped one of the reading lights. Meg smiled. The rest of the cars interior was shrouded in darkness but she was illuminated as if under a spotlight.
"Much better." Mark grinned.
Raise up a little," Joe ordered.
When she complied, he smoothed her black suede skirt up and bunched it around her waist. He slipped his hand under her panties, pressed his thumb to her clit and starting rubbing it. Two of his fingers wiggled into her channel.
"Oh God," she moaned. Her skirt no longer confined her. Meg spread her well tanned legs wide. She was proud of her flexibility and knew it was one reason she could keep her men happy. Her right leg pressed tight to the passenger door. The heel of her shiny black leather boot hooked into the storage compartment in the door. Her left she slid behind the shifter and she draped across Mark's lap.
"Would you like me to open your fly so you can fuck me Joe?" she asked.
"Not right now babe. I know you'll take care of both of us later. Right now it's all about you."  
"I agree," Mark said. He slid his hand up her knee high boot and onto the tender skin of her inner thigh. Reaching back, Mark handed her one of the decorative pillows from the back seat. "I think maybe you should sit on this love." He winked at Joe.
She raised one eyebrow in question but slipped the pillow under her ass. She shuddered when Mark resumed gliding his hand over the tender skin of her inner thigh while Joe pleasured her clit and vaginal passage.
"Oh God, Oh God I'm so close," She moaned a few minutes later.
"Give it up honey," Mark said. "Give it to us."
Tremors rippled through her stomach and her legs shook as her climax burst into being. She ground herself down against Joe, her hips thrusting forward and back. The climax faded into pleasant memory.
"You're so beautiful when you climax Meg," Joe whispered into her ear. "Will you give us another one?"
She shuddered, "I'm so sensitive babe let me rest for a bit."
Mark chuckled. "You react even better when you're sensitive." Mark glanced at Joe. I think we should give her at least one more. Maybe more than one."
"I think you're right Mark."
She tried to close her legs to protect her exposed tenderness but her men had anticipated her. Joe braced his leg against her right holding it open. Mark clamped his hand down on her left holding it in place on his lap. Joe squeezed and pulled on her nipples while his thumb started working her swollen clit. The pain of having her most tender organ teased and played with passed and intense pleasure took its place. Meg groaned and moaned. She whimpered when the thumb fondling her clit went away. Moments later she sighed in pleaser when two fingers took its place. The fingers in her soaked passage worked in and out with increased tempo. She knew that it was Mark pleasuring her clit now while Joe finger fucked her to ecstasy.
With eyes glazed over and barely cracked open, she watched a truck go by on their right. The driver looked down and grinned at seeing her splayed open with all her intimate parts on display. She smiled back not caring if the entire world was watching her men fuck her into euphoria. 

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