Friday, October 28, 2011

Reviewer says of my book titled Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough by G. E. Stills
Best friends, Trish and Sheila, set out to go on a cruise to Australia. The mission: to find Trish a man—not just any man—he needs to pass Sheila’s rewuirements of being rich and sexy. Before they board the ship, Sheila manages to disgruntle Jason, the man with the sensual, deep-blue eyes who happened to peak Trish’s interest. In Sheila’s eyes, her friend could do better.

A twist of fate intervenes. Trish gets a chance at redemption when an act of sabotage leaves her stranded with Jason on a deserted island. She learns Jason is just as beautiful on the inside as he is underneath his dress shirt, and much to Jason’s surprise, Trish is nothing like her loud-mouthed, vulgar friend. Love is born from months spent in each other’s arms.

Upon rescue, Trish learns Jason is the wealthy heir and partner in J. R. & Son, a very successful shipping company. Fearing she is now not good enough for him, she disappears out of his life. Jason is miserable when he finds there is no way to contact her. His true love is a woman who doesn’t want to be found. Will he ever find her, or has he lost Trish forever?

In ‘Not Good Enough’, Author, G.E. Stills explores the sensuality of self with this romantic love story. The depth of his characters draws you in, making you feel each soul-searching kiss. If you like to read about love in all the right places, you need to read this book!
—Lee-Ann Graff Vinson, Author of Love's Trust

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Book Trailer for Not Good Enough

Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Good Enough my new book release

The pleasure cruise is turning into a nightmare. The evening before, Jay asks a pair of attractive ladies to dance. One of them heaps insults on him and tells him he’s not good enough. He doesn’t even know their names but in his opinion, the two are nothing but trouble. After being thrown overboard, he drifts ashore on a island. To his dismay, he discovers that one of them has washed ashore with him. Swallowing his anger and cursing his rotten luck, he assists her away for the surf and sets out to find help.
While trying to apologize to Mr. Smiles, Trish sees the two men throw him overboard. She tries to rescue him and is tossed over herself. When she regains conscious, she is looking up into his non-smiling face. Stranded alone with him on an island, she wonders if he will assist her or leave her to fend for herself.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boston review

I just got a review on Boston

Boston is an earth witch who worships the goddess Artemis and follows the strict code of the Rede. She never uses her magick to harm others. Boston is also a very lonely girl.
When the sexy and alluring Destin asks her to accompany him and his best friend on a sailing vacation to Hawaii, it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. She boards his private vessel, but gets more than she bargained for when she’s introduced to Sondra, a witch of the water, who is also along for the ride.
The three of them have wild plans for Boston, if she will agree to have them all in her bed. But the fun has to wait when the ship is boarded by kidnappers who demand a ransom for the return of the wealthy Destin. The two women work together and use their powers to bring the lives of their captors to a bloody end.
As their punishment for violating the Rede, the bond between Boston and Sondra is consummated as they share their fate from the goddesses. Their lives become joined. Anything Sondra experiences, physical or mentally, Boston in turn feels just as strongly, including hot, fiery orgasms.
Author, G.E. Stills takes us on a wild ride of wanton abandon in this captivating, sexual fantasy. Boston experiences sensual delights she’d never dreamed possible. The heat is bewitching and will make you rush to reach the explosive finish.
Lee-Ann Graff Vinson – Great Minds Think Aloud

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Callie's Fate Book Review by G.E. Stills

Callie's Fate book review by G.E. Stills

Lee-Ann Graff Vinson’s story is a mixture of anger, humor, vengeance and romance. The reader is taken from the deepest valleys of despair to soaring heights of happiness. Callie’s cheating husband, Donald is an unemployed plumber and throughout the story, plumbing terms are applied to things having nothing to do with plumbing.Callie is a workaholic who, contrary to her dreams, has settled for a husband who is not tall dark and handsome. The couple are total opposites, and yet their marriage has lasted for fourteen years.Callie returns from a business trip early to surprise her husband on their anniversary. She arrives early in the morning and observes a woman leave their house with a wrinkled skirt after having obviously been there keeping Donald entertained. Callie decides enough is enough. She drives away to a coffee shop in anger and hurt, her life and marriage in a shambles.I nearly choked on my own coffee with laughter at Lee-Ann’s words when the Barista asks for her drink order. Callie invents a new one. The one bright spot in her life is in the form of a handsome Marine, but is he just a character in her steaming hot dreams?Through Lee-Ann’s words you share Callie’s emotions of anger, frustration, vengeance and humor. I highly recommend it to readers.

Avaliable at Gypsy Shadow Publishing,, Barnes & Nobel and other fine book stores.