Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boston review

I just got a review on Boston

Boston is an earth witch who worships the goddess Artemis and follows the strict code of the Rede. She never uses her magick to harm others. Boston is also a very lonely girl.
When the sexy and alluring Destin asks her to accompany him and his best friend on a sailing vacation to Hawaii, it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. She boards his private vessel, but gets more than she bargained for when she’s introduced to Sondra, a witch of the water, who is also along for the ride.
The three of them have wild plans for Boston, if she will agree to have them all in her bed. But the fun has to wait when the ship is boarded by kidnappers who demand a ransom for the return of the wealthy Destin. The two women work together and use their powers to bring the lives of their captors to a bloody end.
As their punishment for violating the Rede, the bond between Boston and Sondra is consummated as they share their fate from the goddesses. Their lives become joined. Anything Sondra experiences, physical or mentally, Boston in turn feels just as strongly, including hot, fiery orgasms.
Author, G.E. Stills takes us on a wild ride of wanton abandon in this captivating, sexual fantasy. Boston experiences sensual delights she’d never dreamed possible. The heat is bewitching and will make you rush to reach the explosive finish.
Lee-Ann Graff Vinson – Great Minds Think Aloud

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