Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Callie's Fate Book Review by G.E. Stills

Callie's Fate book review by G.E. Stills

Lee-Ann Graff Vinson’s story is a mixture of anger, humor, vengeance and romance. The reader is taken from the deepest valleys of despair to soaring heights of happiness. Callie’s cheating husband, Donald is an unemployed plumber and throughout the story, plumbing terms are applied to things having nothing to do with plumbing.Callie is a workaholic who, contrary to her dreams, has settled for a husband who is not tall dark and handsome. The couple are total opposites, and yet their marriage has lasted for fourteen years.Callie returns from a business trip early to surprise her husband on their anniversary. She arrives early in the morning and observes a woman leave their house with a wrinkled skirt after having obviously been there keeping Donald entertained. Callie decides enough is enough. She drives away to a coffee shop in anger and hurt, her life and marriage in a shambles.I nearly choked on my own coffee with laughter at Lee-Ann’s words when the Barista asks for her drink order. Callie invents a new one. The one bright spot in her life is in the form of a handsome Marine, but is he just a character in her steaming hot dreams?Through Lee-Ann’s words you share Callie’s emotions of anger, frustration, vengeance and humor. I highly recommend it to readers.

Avaliable at Gypsy Shadow Publishing,, Barnes & Nobel and other fine book stores.

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