Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boston contest


To participate in drawing comment at the end of this blog entry with the correct answer. The answer can be found in the excerpt below. The contest will run from September 20th through September 26th. On the 27th the winning entry will be picked at random and announced here and on Facebook. The prize awarded will be a free copy of the book Boston.

Content Warning: Contains violence, coarse language, and explicit scenes of sexuality. This is a ménage story containing M/F, MFM, F/F, MFMF, anal sex/play, and double-penetration.

Question: How does the character Sondra destroy pirates with her magick?

Boston excerpt
R rated for strong language and violence
A commotion out on deck drew their attention. By the light outside, Boston judged it to be mid-morning. They looked out the porthole window and saw both Destin and Jared on their knees, hands bound and dog collars with leashes attached around their necks. Four armed men guarded them.
The women watched as the male members of the crew were marched out to the railing, their hands also bound. In horror, they watched as the attackers forced each man to his knees and placed a gun against the base of his skull. One-by-one they were executed, their bodies kicked over the side.
One of the captors filmed the whole thing. When all four had been executed, through the open porthole they heard one man say, “That should prove to your fathers we mean business. I’m sure it will motivate them to pay the ransom we demand. If not…well there’s always your girlfriends.”
Destin struggled and was punched in the head for his efforts. “Put them back in their cabins,” the man growled. Three men hauled Jared and Destin to their feet and marched them off.
Both women looked at each other in shock and disbelief. They spent the day trying to think of some way to get free. That night they lay awake and listened to blood curdling screams of terror and agony and the grunts of pleasure of their assailants. It wasn’t hard to guess the fate of the two female crewmembers. In the early morning, the screams stopped. They watched as the women’s bodies were tossed over the side to join the male crewmembers in the deep.
Sondra turned to Boston. Her expression changed from horror and sorrow to intense anger. “I knew every one of them. They were all nice people. Fuck the Rede that says we can’t harm others with our magick. This is one witch who’s going to do as much harm to those sadistic bastards as possible. They may win in the end, but they’re sure going to get a sample of my magick. Maybe I can take a few of them with me into the next life. All of my life, I’ve been nonviolent. Now, I’m pissed.”
“I’m with you,” Boston said. “I don’t know how much I can do in all this water since I am an earth witch, but I’ll help in any way I can.”
Sondra sat on the floor and closed her eyes. She didn’t know what all the men looked like. She hadn’t seen their faces. She knew very well what Jim and Felix looked like though. She’d watched as the two of them felt her up. She formed a picture of Jim in her mind. Then she formed a picture of water. She combined the two. Reaching out with her thoughts she located him and linked.
* * * *
Sondra felt it when, unable to breathe, Jim stumbled and fell to the floor. She could see it in her mind when each time he opened his mouth to scream in pain, water poured from his lungs. She felt him claw desperately at his throat. More water formed in his lungs. His eyes bulged. She heard “What the fuck?” flash through his mind. With a final gurgle, he lay still. Visibly shaken and feeling some of Jim’s final moments of pain, she opened her eyes and shook herself. I’m learning though. Next time I won’t link so tight.
A humorless grin creased Sondra’s face. One down. She sought out Felix next and felt his mind, linked with him. He was sitting in the galley. She almost felt his cup of coffee touch his lips. Her grin widened as she sensed his reaction to his lungs suddenly filling with water. Without compassion, she sensed his panic at not being able to breathe. In her mind’s eye she watched the bastard struggle to his feet, only to drop to his knees and quickly die. This time she didn’t share the pain.
* * * *
Boston watched Sondra attentively as a humorless smile formed on the other woman’s lips.
“What are you doing?” Boston asked.
Sondra didn’t open her eyes. “Using my water magick to drown the bastards where they stand. Why don’t you see what you can do? I just took out Jim and Felix. A word of warning though, don’t link with them too tight.”
“I can picture the cameraman.”
“Good, then that will be our next target. I’ll help you all I can.”
Boston felt magical energy reach out from Sondra. Goddess, forgive me for what I am about to do. Boston formed a vision in her mind of the cameraman. She sat next to
Sondra and closed her eyes to concentrate. Her mind reached out on a seek and destroy mission. He was seated on a bunk. She sensed he was not alone.
The same humorless, almost predatory smile stretched her lips.

Best of Luck to all

Gary/G.E. Stills


Bruce and Ann said...

interesting story from what little I have read. Sonjia envisions water at the same time she envisions the ememy and therefore they drown as their lungs fill with water, right were they stand. In fact one is about to drink some coffee.

Mindy said...

Great excerpt!
I love Sondra and Boston fighting back in the only way they can.
Sondra fills the lungs with water and drowns the pirates she can get to with her mind.

Mindy :)

Author GE Stills said...
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Lee-Ann said...

Sounds very intriguing, Gary. I look forward to reading the whole novel. A killing by "thought drowning". Ingenious. If only one could do that in real life... :)