Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From WIP Desert Water

Lenore stretched and glanced at her watch. "We have just enough time to make love one more time before we need to get up and get ready for the meeting."
Andy groaned from being sapped of all energy. He had forgotten just how great making love to Lenore was. She had reminded him time and again all afternoon. "What meeting, where?"
"Downstairs in one of the meeting rooms. I took the liberty of telling all the local section chiefs to be there for your announcement the ones not local will be on teleconference."
He sat up abruptly. "What announcement. What the hell are you up to Lenore?"
"You'll be announcing that Simon is out and I'm the new chief engineer."
"What? Damn you're sure of yourself. You had this all setup before you even came up here to my room and seduced me. You were that certain you would get the job?"
"Andy you know I'm good and you know you need my abilities. We haven't even negotiated salary but I know you'll be generous with that. Now fuck me some more because I'm good at that too." She smiled and winked. "And so are you. I'd forgotten just how good."
She put her arms around him and drew his lips to hers. After their kiss, she grinned at him. "Andy I'm an excellent choice for this project. You know I seldom make mistakes. I made one big one, I left you, but I'm here and correcting that now. I'll tell you what, if I make a make a small screw up I'll give you a blow job in front of all the supervisors. If I make a big one you can fire me and I'll still stay here and have sex with you. Fair enough?"
He shook his head and pinched his nose.
"I'll take your lack of response as a yes, that you agree." She tossed the sheets back. "Now let's make love some more because I want to be fully blossomed again before our meeting." She slid down and just before putting her mouth over his shaft said, "I never said I wouldn't be giving you blow jobs just not in front of your employees."
"God," he groaned. "You're insatiable Lenore. If we do this much more I won't be able to walk."
Her mouth rose the length of his shaft and she kissed the tip. "Should I order a wheelchair for our meeting," she teased.
"Leny, please call me Leny like you used to."

"Leny… Oh God."