Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Good Enough my new book release

The pleasure cruise is turning into a nightmare. The evening before, Jay asks a pair of attractive ladies to dance. One of them heaps insults on him and tells him he’s not good enough. He doesn’t even know their names but in his opinion, the two are nothing but trouble. After being thrown overboard, he drifts ashore on a island. To his dismay, he discovers that one of them has washed ashore with him. Swallowing his anger and cursing his rotten luck, he assists her away for the surf and sets out to find help.
While trying to apologize to Mr. Smiles, Trish sees the two men throw him overboard. She tries to rescue him and is tossed over herself. When she regains conscious, she is looking up into his non-smiling face. Stranded alone with him on an island, she wonders if he will assist her or leave her to fend for herself.

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