Friday, October 28, 2011

Reviewer says of my book titled Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough by G. E. Stills
Best friends, Trish and Sheila, set out to go on a cruise to Australia. The mission: to find Trish a man—not just any man—he needs to pass Sheila’s rewuirements of being rich and sexy. Before they board the ship, Sheila manages to disgruntle Jason, the man with the sensual, deep-blue eyes who happened to peak Trish’s interest. In Sheila’s eyes, her friend could do better.

A twist of fate intervenes. Trish gets a chance at redemption when an act of sabotage leaves her stranded with Jason on a deserted island. She learns Jason is just as beautiful on the inside as he is underneath his dress shirt, and much to Jason’s surprise, Trish is nothing like her loud-mouthed, vulgar friend. Love is born from months spent in each other’s arms.

Upon rescue, Trish learns Jason is the wealthy heir and partner in J. R. & Son, a very successful shipping company. Fearing she is now not good enough for him, she disappears out of his life. Jason is miserable when he finds there is no way to contact her. His true love is a woman who doesn’t want to be found. Will he ever find her, or has he lost Trish forever?

In ‘Not Good Enough’, Author, G.E. Stills explores the sensuality of self with this romantic love story. The depth of his characters draws you in, making you feel each soul-searching kiss. If you like to read about love in all the right places, you need to read this book!
—Lee-Ann Graff Vinson, Author of Love's Trust