Friday, May 4, 2012

Character types and creation my ramblings

Character types and creation
Characters come to some of my friends in dreams. They come fully developed with a mind and personality already there. Some even have a voice they use to tell the author about themselves. (must be nice.) Mine don’t.
I usually can’t even remember my dreams. I get my characters from watching the people around me or I think about the people I know. I get ideas from stories I read. I form a picture in my mind of what the character will look like and what traits they will have. Many of my character actions are inspired by the music I’m listening to at the time. This is especially true in an action scene. I like intense action scenes especially in my SciFi stories.
I make a character folder for the story and fill it in as the character develops in my mind. Most of my characters are between twenty and thirty years old. That’s just my preference.
In most of my stories I have a female character that is unafraid to state her needs and desires. She often has a brazen, care less what others think attitude. She is usually outspoken and tough as nails. I also try to include a sense of humor in her. Many of them have suffered emotional hurt in the past. One of my author friends says I write strong female characters. Thank you Diane. I enjoy doing just that. I guess you could say that is part of my style.
Most of my male characters are the strong but silent type. They fall completely in love with their female companion.What can I say to that other than I like romance. Some of them are the take charge types but most of them are followers. I try to instill a sense of humor in them also. Again many of them have suffered emotionally in the past. I’m certain I need to work harder on developing my male characters. The only defense I have is that I enjoy creating strong female characters.  
I try to make my villains despicable and garner strong dislike for them. A friend of mine D is a master at that. I really hate one of the characters in her latest story. lol Almost all of my stories are romance and have a HEA ending.
How do you create your characters and what traits do they display? What type of characters do you like best?    


Ben Prior said...

I'm jealous of people whose characters talk to them. I'm learning to give my characters their own voice, but it's work. I like your characters!

Diane EP said...

I'm hoping you're talking about Trent. He's a jerk, and he'll remain a jerk, but he's destined for some character growth in the end, if for no other reason to irritate the rest of the team! :)

Author GE Stills said...

I'm glad you like my characters Ben. Nothing good comes without hard work keep working with them each day and take notes.

Author GE Stills said...

Yes Diane it is Trent I'm speaking of. He either has to grow or someone will bump him off. lol I might sneak in there and do it myself. lol

Susan Roebuck said...

Great to know you GE. It's funny I write male characters like your female ones...must be a psychological reason for that :-)