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Geo in Disguise contest

Starting Thursday 8/16/12 and running until Thursday 8/23/12 I will have a contest. At the close I will draw a name and present the winner with a gift certificate for $6 from Amazon. This certificate can be used for or toward any purchase on the site.
The contest rules are simple, read the excerpt below and answer the question What is Geo's actual first name? (Hint: She tells Ryan her name twice) Enter your answer in the form of a comment at the end of this blog posting or on my facebook page posting for the contest at

That's all. Thank you and best of luck

Excerpt Geo In Disguise

He shivered slightly. The light coat he wore was not heavy enough for the mountains though there was no snow on the ground. The late afternoon sun was sinking fast. Soon it would be dark and the temperature would drop even more. “So what do you do now Ryan? It would be impossible to pretend to just bump into her out here.” That’s what he’d intended to do if she lived in town in an apartment. He was going to pretend he was looking for a friend and just happened to see her.
That certainly wouldn’t work out here. Several times, he turned to head back to his car only to turn once more and study the clearing with the small cabin in the center. Since he’d been here, he’d seen no activity outside or inside through the open curtains. He was certain this had to have been her destination though because it was the only place the road led. There was a two-car garage so her car was doubtless inside.
Still debating his next move, he stood in the darkness, hidden behind a tree and observed the cabin. As darkness had fallen, no lights had come on. Not even the chirping of birds or the noise of insects disturbed the absolute silence that had descended on the area.
Surprise jolted through him when a soft, melodious voice asked, “Are you spying on me, Ryan? What do you want? Why are you following me Ryan?”
“I… Um…” He started to turn but her words stopped him.
“No Ryan just stay as you are until you answer some of my questions.”
“You know my name but I don’t know yours. Who are you?”
“Who do you think I am?”
“The woman from my microbiology class but I don’t know your name.”
“I could be her. So, I’ll ask again. Why are you following me? Maybe I should call the cops and tell them you’re stalking me.”
“I don’t have a good answer to why I’m following you. Just that I want to get to know that woman better. Honest, I don’t mean any harm.”
“That’s good because I’ll tell you right now I can defend myself very well. So what should I do about you?”
“Well, you could tell me your name. Maybe invite me in for a beer or something.”
She chuckled. “Yeah… I guess I could do that. Should I?”
“Well, from my standpoint, I’d rather you do that than call the cops. If you’re the woman from school, I’d like to know you better. I’ve tried to meet you at school but you always seem to disappear before I can talk to you.”
 “I’m a private person. Why do you wish to know me, Ryan?”
“I can’t explain it really. I seem to be drawn to you. I find you attractive. Pretty.”
This time she laughed louder. “You don’t have good answers and you can’t explain. You aren’t doing very well answering my questions. Then you tell me that you find me pretty even with the clothes I wear and those glasses?”
This time when she spoke, her voice sounded like it was right behind him. If fact, he could feel her breath tickle the back of his neck. How the hell can she move so quietly?
“Okay, Ryan. You’ve convinced me. Go to my front door. It’s unlocked. I’ll be right behind you. No tricks. I have a gun.”
He stepped into the darkened room, which became brightly illuminated when she flipped a switch behind him.
“I don’t have beer. Will tea be okay?”
“That’s fine.”
“Then take a seat on the couch. I’ll be right back.”
Still blinking in the brightness, he turned to look at her but she was already gone into the… he guessed kitchen. Damn she’s fast and silent. While he waited, he looked around the room. An arrangement of colorful flowers sat in a vase on the dark wood coffee table in front of him. Across the room was a stone fireplace. On each side of the off-white couch were matching overstuffed chairs. Scenic pictures of nature hung on all four walls. In addition to the kitchen door behind him, two more lead from the room along with an open doorway. The wood floor shined and the rest of the room was meticulous. He didn’t even know she’d returned until she spoke from right beside him.
“Here’s your tea.”
He jerked his head sideways to face her and his breath caught in his throat.
“Excuse me?”
“My name is Georgiana. Although most of my… friends call me Geo.”


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Diane EP said...

Georgiana! Beautiful name, by the way.

Diane EP said...
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Author GE Stills said...

Tracy, Diane you are entered.

Anonymous said...

{great excerpt by the way.}

Author GE Stills said...

Thank you Kittyb78. You are entered.

Maria C. Solano said...

Her name iw Georgiana. I like the nickname for her. Good excerpt
Maria Solano

Author GE Stills said...

Thank you Maria. You are entered.

Tamara Eaton said...


So do you pronounce Geo (Jo) or Geo like the car? :)

Tamara Eaton said...
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Author GE Stills said...

Hi Tamara. Geo is pronounced like Geo the car. You are entered. Thanks you.

Kim Carmichael said...

Awesome! Georgiana!!

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Thank you Kim. You are entered.

Anonymous said...

Georgiana. That's the name of the character. (Bey Leesman wrote.) I don't want to get a google account to do this and my computer guru is sound asleep, so I can't ask him how to do it. So, I guess my idenity for this contest will be anonymous.)

Author GE Stills said...

No problem Bey I know who you are. :)

Sheila Deeth said...

Georgiana. And I really enjoyed the excerpt.

Author GE Stills said...

Thank you for stopping by Sheila.I'm glad you liked the excerpt. You're entered in the contest.