Thursday, January 17, 2013

An excerpt from one of my current WIPs

Naa'dia is a very bad girl.

Excerpt (unedited)  

Standing under the warm spray she was not surprised when moments later the door opened and Faris joined her. He slipped behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Lifting the bottle of body wash from its tray, he filled his hand and began lathering her. Of course playing much attention to soaping her breasts and her sex. Naa’dia closed her eyes and settled back against his chest. She let him caress and scrub her relishing the feel of his hands on her.
“Did I ever tell you how pretty you are?” he asked.
“I believe you mentioned it but then we were coupled and I contributed your words to the heat of the moment.” Her lips stretched into a grin.
“Yes, well we aren’t engaged right now. Not yet and you are.”
Turning to face him she forced him back against the shower wall and pulled his hands above his head. She held them there with one hand. With her other hand she reached back and shut off the spray of water.
Feris cocked an eyebrow. “So we’re done showering?” he asked.
“You’ll see.” Leaning in she fitted her lips to his mouth savoring his taste. Naa’dia traced a fingernail over the upper curvature of her left butt cheek. A flap of skin curled back revealing a small storage space embedded there. She removed an inch square object from within and palmed it. With the back of her hand, Naa’dia smoothed the flap back into place. Not a trace of the hidden compartment was visible.
Feris’s groan of pleasure was barely audible in her mouth when she caressed the back of her hand from his neck and down to his groin. Naa’dia pressed a tiny button on the plastic like square. The object lengthened forming a handle. Pressing another button caused it to hum to life.
Naa’dia leaned back while still leaving her lips pressed to his. Her mouth muffled his scream of agony when she plunged the electrified tip of the vibro-knife into his belly. She cleaved upward opening him from groin to neck. The knife blade, sharp enough to cut through metal, slashed through chest bone as if it were no more than butter.
She broke their kiss stepping back further. His mouth formed a scream of anguish but no sound issued from it. His vocal cords had been severed. His eyes twitched wildly nearly bugging from their sockets. Naa’dia reached up with her free hand and used both of hers to spread his arms wide. Her fingers curled into his and pulled him from his feet. Each pulse of his wildly racing heart sent out a crimson spray to bath her.
His futile kicking soon slowed as Feris weakened from the massive loss of blood. With a finale spasm he sagged, only her hands held him up. His bulged eyes narrowed, becoming fixed and dilated with the glazed stare of death. Naa’dia released her grip letting his body crumple to the stall floor. For a few minutes she stood reveling in the feel of the sticky red liquid that coated her entire front.
With a sigh of regret she turned once more, opened the water faucet and rinsed. Removing the pulsation shower head, she washed down the walls of the stall removing the splatters of blood. Leaving his body on the floor, Naa’dia stepped out and calmly toweled dry then replaced the collapsed knife in her butt cheek compartment.
She picked up her discarded clothes, opened the cabin door a crack and peeked out into the short hallway. To the left, the hall opened to the bridge. Listening carefully, she heard Molly stir there. Naa’dia dashed across the aisle into her own room. With her door closed safely, she tossed her clothes on the bed. Naa’dia slipped on a lose red and white layered skirt. The elastic waistband hugged her waist. Next she shrugged a loose white blouse over her head. For a moment she considered shoes but discarded the idea. Lastly she spayed on cologne
“Even though I showered it wouldn't do for Molly to smell blood on me.” She chuckled. “Especially her husbands.”
Entering the hall, Naa’dia raised her voice. “Molly?”
“Here Naa’dia,” Molly answered and raised her hand over the seat back to show her location.
“Care for some company?”
“I’m going stop in the galley and get a drink,” Naa’dia said as she sauntered quietly down the hall. “Can I get you anything?”
“A diet soda would be nice.”
“Diet soda coming up. I’ll be there in a sec.”
Naa’dia stopped at the galley and poured each of them a drink. When she entered the bridge she handed Molly her drink and took a sip of her own before setting it into a cup holder. Molly took a drink and placed hers down also. Naa’dia leaned down and pressed her lips to Molly’s.
Molly pushed her away in panic. “Don’t. Feris might see.”
“I don’t think so. When I came down the hall just now I heard shower water running.”
“Don’t you like it when we kiss?” Naa’dia puckered her lower lip.
“You know I do.” Molly raised her arms in supplication. 

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Kim Carmichael said...

As a romance author, I prefer the HEA. I think if you do the story correctly you can leave the reader satisfied and still have them begging for more. I think leaving cliffhangers at ends of book is a cop out, personally.

Author GE Stills said...

Hi Kim
Then we are in agreement. I know how most of your stories end. I've read them. :)