Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Excerpt from WIP. The first time

Mandy and Zack have been friends for months. Tonight they are destined to cross the friendship line.

Mandy was waiting for him when he exited the elevator. "Did you get the boat?"
"Yes are you ready to leave. I already have my stuff onboard and the boat is ready to go."
"Come with me to my room. I have an overnight bag packed and the voltage meter."
He grabbed the items from his room and locked the door. As a crane lowered them on the scaffold shaped platform to the boats below, Zack peered around. Everywhere he could see was just more rolling waves. He gazed down at their destination. Four tug boats were moored to the dock below. The dock in turn was attached to one of the four giant pillars that supported the platform. These pillars, unlike oil drill rigs which floated were anchored in the bedrock hundreds of feet below the surface. This gave the platform complete stability and allowed the elevator shaft to pump complex below to be attached securely.
He studied the tug boats. Although used extensively during the construction of the platform these days they were seldom used. The boats looked like a typical tugboat on the outside but inside they had been modified to incorporate four staterooms each.
"Did you have much trouble getting a boat?"
"No not at all. I just asked for it and he said fine."
The scaffold reached the dock and they boarded number three. Mandy cruised along slowly while he watched his meter. It spiked when they passed over the main power input. "Cruise over this area slowly Mandy," he requested.
She complied while he adjusted his meter. "That's better."
Mandy glanced at his meter then looked up at him standing beside her. "Do you see that number?"
"That is the main power to the pumps." She idled the boat a little further.
"Now see that one. It's a smaller number but still very significant. That is the tap. We need to follow that."
"You just tell me which way and I'll take us there," Mandy told him. 
"Head due south for now."
She nosed the boat in a southern direction. As the distance increased it became easier to separate the two voltages. They followed the tap line for about five miles.
"Damn where is this lead going?"
"Don't know." she shrugged while watching the sonar map scroll by on the screen next to her.
After another five miles he had her halt. "I guess we better go back. By the time we dock it will be getting dark."
"Or we could stay out here and sleep on the boat. That way we'll be able to continue following until it gets dark, stop for the night and continue first thing in the morning. Save going over area we've already been over."
Zack smiled. "We could do that."
The voltage trail slowly led them toward shore. It ended abruptly over and area with the shoreline just in sight.
"Stop here."
She throttled back bringing the boat to a halt. From the corner of her eye she saw a commercial fishing boat pass in the distance.
"How deep?"
She peered at the instrument beside her. "About a hundred feet and will you look at this?"
Here peered at the digital read out she was pointing to.
"not possible."
"Certainly a hundred degree water here in the ocean is unheard of but there it is."
"Can you anchor here so I can go down there tomorrow?"
"Maybe. I'm not certain the anchor chain is long enough. She pressed a button and they heard a splash and clinking at the front of the boat. In the silence surrounding them the unwinding anchor chain sounded loud. It stopped abruptly.
Mandy smiled at him. "Yes, barely but yes we are anchored."
"Good. You didn't happen to bring anything to eat did you?"
"As a matter of fact I did. Good thing you brought me along. The only thing you would have brought is that meter and maybe a change of clothes." She grinned and slipped away to the galley with him following.
 "Smart ass."
"I brought the ADS too. Just in case we needed them which it looks like we do."
He helped her fix some sandwiches and chips. Opening the fridge he saw cokes, water and beer. "Coke, water?"
"I'd rather have a beer Zack. I brought them for both of us not just you."
Chuckling he grabbed two. They sat across the table eating as darkness descended outside. "Mandy I need to ask you something but I don't really know how. I'm afraid it might affect our friendship."
"Well how about you just spit it out and I'll promise that what ever you say I won't like you any less."
He grinned. "Mandy we've known each other for months. Been friends for most of that. I guess what I'm trying to say is I like you. Like you a lot."
She cocked her head. "I like you too.'
"Mandy I want our friendship to go up to the next level boyfriend and girlfriend level."
She smiled. "In other words you would like to sleep with me." She laughed. "Zack you are the most wonderful shade of red right now."
 "I… um…"
"I'm not offended. Not in the least." Reaching out she placed her hand over his. "I'm fluttered really. In spite of what idiot men think women get horny too. I haven't had any since I started working at the platform."
He grinned. "I haven't either. You know the rules."
"Yeah no hanky-panky on the platform." She giggled. "In case you haven't noticed we aren't on the platform"
"Mandy I want… I want to make love with you more than just tonight."
"Well if our chemistry is right, and I'm thinking it will be, we'll just have to make arrangements to take care of each others needs."
Finally he found his tongue. "We get two days off every other week. Maybe we can get a room together in Puerto Penasco."
"That sounds like fun but first…"
"First we need to make love here, tonight."
"I have an idea. Something that will help break the ice a little more rather than us just jumping into bed together. That's where we're going to end up isn't it Zack."
"Hope so." He chuckled.
"Me too." She stood and dashed back to the staterooms. A few minutes later she returned with blankets in her hand. Holding out her hand, she took his and led him up on deck. "Now my idea is we lay here on the blankets and look up at the stars. Did I ever tell you I studied astronomy for a while in college?"
"No. Mandy before we get on the blankets there is something I want t do. I got a small sample of it last night. I'm greedy. I want more. He pulled her into tight embrace and kissed her long, deep and hard. The blankets under her arm tumbled to the deck when she put her arms around his neck and lengthened their kiss.
When they at last broke for air both were breathing hard. "I think our chemistry is going to be just fine. She chuckled and he helped her spread the blankets.
They lay beside each other on their back gazing up into the night sky and she pointed out the different star patterns. He was certain to answer with un-hu or yes when she pointed them out but his main attention was removing her blouse. The last button came free and he went to work on her bra. "Front or back?' he asked.
He did not need to clarify. "Back."
She sat up and he unhooked it. She wiggled her blouse and the straps down her arms and tossed them aside. The dim light shinning up from the deck below lighted her breasts. Zach gulped. "You're beautiful."
Mandy giggled. "You're just saying that because you want to get into my pants. News flash Zack it is going to happen."
Reaching out she unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it over to her own clothes. Next they opened the fly of each other's pants, slipped them off and soon their underwear joined the pile of clothes.
Mandy spread her hands wide and gave him a full view of her. In her blunt manner she asked, "So what do you think Zack, am I worth fucking?"
"God you are sometimes so blunt. You are certainly worth making love to."
They came into tight embrace again, this time naked flesh searing and heating naked flesh. When they joined Zack didn't last near as long as her wanted.
"I'm sorry. I didn't last."
Mandy put her finger to his lips. "Are you fuckin' kidden' I came twice. That's why you have those teeth marks in your shoulder. I did it to stifle my scream. I'm a screamer when I orgasm. I was just as horny as you were."
"The next time I will have you in bed. It will be slower, maybe a little different and even more enjoyable." He rolled to the side pulling himself from her and she cuddled up to his side.
"Promise, promise it will be just as good if not better next time."
He kissed her on the forehead and on the nose. "It will be."
He stood and held out his hand to assist her to her feet. While she gathered their clothes he grabbed the blankets. They tossed the clothes and blankets in an empty room as they passed by then tumbled into bed together.
Zack lay there enjoying the view as she slid up and down on his glistening shaft. "You are so beautiful. I think I'm falling in love with you."

She smiled and ground herself against his groin while his shaft was buried in her to the hilt. "That's good because I think I'm falling for you too."

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