Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Recently I joined Facebook. Yes I know some of you my friends from other sites, are probably saying “about time”. You must understand that I am basically a shy person. No smart comments from those of you who know me. I’m not shy around my close friends. That is both informing and warning those of you who are not close friends yet. Lol

The response has been, using a poor choice of words to express myself, overwhelming! I have befriended and been befriended by more people than I could ever imagine in my wildest dreams. I’m still getting many requests each day. Yes, I know, those of you that have been in the business for some time and are multi-published are probably saying no big deal. It is however a big deal to me.

I want to thank Gypsy Shadow Publishing for releasing my first book. The people there are so nice and make you feel at home. Many of us there, met at another publisher and the outcome was less than desirable. The publisher went out of business. I was very disillusioned at that time but Charlotte dispelled my feelings of inadequacy and published me. Thanks.

I would like to say hi to my new friends at Eirelander Publishing. You are all wild and crazy and I feel honored to be a part of that family. I can hardly wait to publish there. Lee you have gathered a great bunch of people.

I have a third publisher named Captiva. It has not opened for business yet but will soon. The people there are very nice too. One of them is a special friend of mine (you know who you are) and the owner is quickly becoming one too along with her hubby.

So it all boils down too me being deeply touched and sentimental. Maybe guys are not supposed to show their feelings but this guy is. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful welcome and the growing friendships. Now where is my Kleenex. Lol If I fail to make it to each of your sites or your interviews and blogs please understand that it is not because I don’t want to be there but because I am overwhelmed. Before, when I was simply writing for my own pleasure and not publishing it was unusual for me to get more than a few emails per week and that was at only one address. Lol

Z the island girl says do not loose sight of your goals. Mine right now is to get back to my WIP which have been sorely overlooked this last week. Lol
Take care each and every one of you.


Hales said...

How sweet! Overwhelmed is a great term. I have more people on FB,Twitter and Myspace than I have time to chatter with. I am the flip side of you. I am at the total other end of the spectrum, there is not one shy bone in me. No I'm not an exhibitionist well hmmm not anymore...I hope to see your work soon and to get to know you. I am as much a lover of people as a lover of words.

Author GE Stills said...

Thanks. If we are not friends on Myspace and Facebook already I would be honored to become friends.

J Hali said...

Great blog, Gary. I'm not shy but there seems to be a lot going on at the social sites, I think most of it gets lost in the shuffle. I had big trouble with Twitter so I dropped it. And so often I feel like preaching to the choir--we all seem to be authors, and I don't sing well (grins). I've gone to some of the chats and friended folks I hope will become 'readers' of ebooks and that has been very interesting!

Author GE Stills said...

I guess I'm the only shy one here so far. I only sing when I am in the shower and the dog still howls to drown me out. lol

Ashley said...

It will always be exciting for me to get befriended on FB and twitter and myspace. You are awesome yourself Gary and I feel like you do, very welcome with our group of peeps and very much like apart of a family.

Awesome blog as always and congrats on the new contract!


Author GE Stills said...

Thanks Ash. You are always so bright and bubbly it is almost beyond belief. I am glad to call you a friend.

Stephanie said...

Back at ya friend! Glad to see you on FB, but even more honored to be counted among the friends...hugs...

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

So I guess that since I got a mention in this lovely post and also since I see the chatty side of you, I can call myself a close friend... right?

Lol, yup, never lose sight of your goals. Someone once told me to reach for the stars - even you never touch one, they're there in sight to keep you on the path to touching them.