Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Excerpt from paranormal WIP

Heather jolted awake at the excruciating pain in her neck. Her eyes flashed open to find Jason lying top of her and holding her to the ground. She felt a hot stickiness streaming onto her back and knew that he was not just biting her, but drawing blood. . Struggling, twisting, turning she found that she was unable to dislodge him. Though not extremely muscular, Heather was not weak either. Jason, however seemed to be inhumanly strong. He trapped her arms easily and held her to the ground. A scream of terror burst from her lips shattering the silence of the woods.  
He released one of her arms and clamped his hand over her mouth. What the hell was happening? She wouldn’t have been surprised to find herself being raped, she was certain she’d been drugged but why was he biting her? With her free hand she desperately thrashed over the snow covered ground searching for a rock, a stick, anything to use as a weapon. Whatever she found to defend herself, it would have to be soon because she felt herself getting weaker.
Her searching hand closed around a piece of wood. Grasping it tight, she plunged the wooden splinter in his side. Again and again the wood dug into him with no apparent effect until the last time she plunged it in just below his armpit. His hold on her other arm relaxed and a growl that sounded more animal than human was muffled against her neck. Yanking her arm free, she reached up and grabbed a handful of his shoulder length hair. Lacing her fingers in it, she jerked his mouth away from her.
For the first time she saw his eyes. Bloodshot, wild looking and––oh my god––fangs protruding from the roof of his mouth. His lips were red and dripped with blood. Then she realized it was her blood. She screamed again.
“I don’t believe it. You bitch,” Jason cursed and slapped her, making her head snap to the side. His sharp claws left bleeding furrows across her cheek. Jason’s arms gave out and he collapsed forward on her. Claws from his other hand dug into her side. Everything faded to black.
She didn’t know how long she had been unconscious but knew it could not have been long. Jason’s body still covered her although it was motionless. Squirming and pushing, she managed to roll him from her. Slowly she struggled to her feet. He remained unmoving. Apparently dead. Adrenalin that had flooded her veins during the fight was fading to be replaced with bone chilling cold. Her once pretty and sleeveless dress hung from her in tatters and her stockings were full of tears and runners. Even standing, snow spilled over the tops of her mid-calf boots.
Her teeth chattered uncontrollably. Have to find shelter. Get out of this terrible cold or I’ll die.
Stumbling away from the scene of their skirmish, she trudged through the moonlit snow in search of cover.
Weak. Terribly weak.

Only sheer willpower kept her feet moving. Although her mind told her only a short time had passed, it seemed to stretch endlessly. One step…and then another. She spotted a cabin, shack really, in the distance. Struggling through the deep snow, she covered the last few yards on her knees. Turning the doorknob with her half frozen fingers was a near impossible challenge but at last the door opened. Crawling inside, she kicked it closed behind her. Looking around she saw that the interior furnishings were sparse. There was a bed and thankfully a blanket. With great effort she crawled across the wooden floor and pulled the blanket from the bed. Wrapping herself in it was the last thing she did before blackness closed over her once more. 

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