Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Excerpt from WIP Boston

Destin has asked Boston to accompany him on a cruise. The fist step of their journey is a flight on a private jet. She and Destin join Sondra and Jared already on the plane. 

The rest of the week crawled by. She spent almost all of Sunday and Monday shopping in Raleigh. Instead of buying only a few expensive outfits, she did a lot of wise shopping. She found many bargains and ended up with a lot of clothes, including some sexy things, just as Destin requested. One of the items being a very brief bikini. I hope this meets with his approval. She folded the tiny item and put it in her suitcase, which she had been packing for a week.
She waited for him to appear Tuesday afternoon and early evening. The bar was not very busy, so she and Florence stood and talked at the counter. She had her back to the entrance when he came in.
“Don’t pee your panties honey, but your knight in shining armor just walked in,” Florence said with a low chuckle.
Boston’s breath hitched in her throat. It suddenly felt like the temperature in the bar had risen.
“Okay, he’s taking a seat at one of your tables. I think you can go talk to him now. You can walk that far, can’t you?” Even in the dim lighting, Florence had seen how badly Boston’s hands shook around her water glass.
Calmly, she turned and flashed him a huge grin. Though she wanted to race across the floor and give him a big hug, she forced herself to take small, careful steps. She certainly didn’t want to trip and fall, sacrificing every shred of her dignity.
“Hi Destin. How are you tonight?” she said in a cheerful but controlled voice. Inside, she was a raging turmoil of emotions.
“I’m fine. I can’t stay, but I needed to stop by and get directions to your house. A phone number would be nice too.” He took a small pad out of his pocket. He took careful notes when she gave directions.
When she finished, he looked at her for a moment, then spoke. “Great. Well as I said, I can’t stay. See you Saturday morning about nine.” He stood up, winked and left.
Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. I’m going to Hawaii. I’m actually going to Hawaii. She resisted the temptation to do a happy dance each time she thought of it.
It seemed to take forever, but at last Saturday morning arrived and a car pulled up in front of her house. Not just any car, a limousine. The driver loaded her baggage and informed her that Destin waited at the airport. She spent the drive lounging in the spacious backseat and looking around at the luxury surrounding her. Destin met her curbside with a porter. He wore a nice dress shirt, sport jacket, and slacks.
Boston decided she was woefully underdressed in her white halter-top, tight-fitting blue jeans, and black ankle boots. She brought dresses and skirts, but for a plane flight she figured casual dress.
Boy was I wrong. She almost groaned.
The porter unloaded her bags while Destin gave her a hug. His aftershave smelled great, and his body, just as she had guessed, felt well muscled. He chuckled when he saw the four bags and overnight case she brought.
“Are you sure your dog isn’t in one of these?”
She smiled. “I tried to bring him but he wouldn’t get in, so I had to leave him home.”
They bypassed the commercial terminals and proceeded to the general aviation area. When they walked out onto the tarmac, she saw a private jet awaited them. Though he’d never said so, she guessed from their conversations that Destin’s father had to be well-to-do. Well-to-do are very inadequate words, she decided. It’s apparent that Destin’s father is very wealthy.
“Jared and Sondra are already on board,” he said, as they climbed the steps into the plane. When they entered the passenger compartment, she saw six seats, two of them occupied. Jared, she had met before. About the same height as Destin and with the same muscular build, he had blue eyes and black hair. He wore a dress shirt with sport coat and slacks. The woman with him had long, red hair and green eyes. She wore a lime green dress.
Boston bit her tongue to squelch the anger she felt and comment she wanted to make to Destin about not telling her about the formal dress. Not only are you guys dressed up, but she is too, and here I am in my fucking jeans.
“You’ve already met Jared, and this is Sondra.” Destin pointed to the woman getting to her feet.
 Boston offered her hand in greeting, which Sondra brushed aside. Instead, she stepped into the aisle and gave Boston a big hug. She saw Sondra wore not only a lime green dress but stockings and heels too.
Boston flashed another look of displeasure at Destin and apologized to Sondra. “I didn’t realize the dress code was formal. Someone chose not to inform me.” Her voice reflected her anger. “You all look very nice. Then you have me, wearing blue jeans and a halter.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sondra assured her. “You look just fine. These guys are not very informative. Sometimes I think they’re sadists and enjoy making women uncomfortable. You should have seen me the first time I met them for an outing. They told me casual, so I dressed in sloppy shorts and a t-shirt, only to have a damn limo pick me up and deliver me here to the airport. They met me dressed like they are now. Talk about embarrassing. That happened a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve learned.” Sondra glared first at Jared, then Destin. “Shame on both of you. A lady likes to know these things.” She laughed. Destin and Jared both hung their heads, but each wore a grin on his face.

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