Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Excerpt from WIP Sons of Teelan

Here's my Wednesday excerpt.

“There’s a nice little restaurant I’d like to take you to…” he started when they woke.
“Blake there’s something I want to ask of you. For now at least, I think we should keep this growing relationship of ours a secret. Especially from your mother. I don’t know if she would approve.”
“I’m not ashamed of my feelings for you. I don’t care if others see us together.”
“Please. I’m not ashamed to be seen with you either but I feel so guilty about that first night. The first time we…”
“I don’t regret our first time. Nor any time after that.”
“What you’re asking is going to be very difficult. Have you forgotten who my mother is? She’ll know if we’re seen anywhere in public.”
“Please. I’m begging you. Just until I can figure out how to tell her.” She crawled out of bed and stood looking down at him.
“Fine.” There was disgust in his voice but he agreed. “There’s this quiet little place I know. It’s by a lake. We can swim and have a picnic. You do swim don’t you? I know earth cats hate water.”
She snorted. “Yes I swim. My face may look like an Earth cat’s but I’m not one.” She waved her hand over herself. “Is this the body of an Earth cat? Would you even consider making love to an Earth cat?”
Blake climbed to his feet and pulled her into embrace. “You most assuredly don’t have the body of any cat I’ve ever seen. So it’s decided. Do you have a kini?”
“Kini is short for bikini. A two piece swim suit.”
“Oh. Yes I think Rayne picked some out for me although they are scandalously brief.”
He winked. “The more scandalous the better in my book.”
Grinning, she slapped him on the arm. “Dial up some wine and something to eat while I change. Oh, and Blake, keep those lustful thoughts of yours in the front of your mind, I may have use for them later.”
He pulled on his clothes and left the room to get a drink. “Tantara,” he hollered at the bedroom where she was changing. “I’ll be right back. I need to teleport to my house and change.”
She stepped to the door and looked out. She had already removed her top. “You make sure you come right back. And Blake, is it possible for you to teleport into my house instead of outside the door?”
“Yes. As long as I have your permission to do so. You need to tell the house computer to grant me access.”
“Computer,” she spoke into the air. “Blake is to have full access inside this house at any time.” She smiled. “Is that sufficient?”
“That will do fine.” He vanished.
Thirty minutes later he returned. Suddenly he was standing in the middle of the living room. His long pants and shirt were gone. He wore a unbuttoned beach shirt and tight swim trunks. In her opinion the trunks he wore showed him off deliciously. In one hand he carried a picnic basket with a folded blanket in the other.
Together they filled the basket with food, utensils and the bottle of wine. “Hold these.” He handed her the basket and blanket then stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her belly. “Are you ready?”
“I was born ready.” She giggled.
A moment later she was looking out over a beautiful lake. The grassy shore tapered gradually to the water. Trees with large green leaves shaded the open space. Bright sunlight gleamed off the calm water. Taking the blanket from her, he spread it on the ground and set the basket beside it.
 “I guess the first thing I need to do is prove to you I’m not afraid of water.” She untied and removed her robe and then the sarong around her waist, handing them to him.

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