Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From Daughters of Teelan

“Home sick?” Pla’ton asked when he stepped up beside her and leaned against the chest high rail.
“A little,” she admitted. “Is everyone gone for the day?”
“Yes. Supper is on the way for Allan and Marsha. I set up the guard shifts”
“I guess I should go check on my people,” Becky said.
“They’re fine Becky. I checked on them and besides if there was a problem you would know about it right away what with your implants.”
She grinned. Pla’ton had learned about the communicators beneath the skin of each person in her unit. “You’re right of course. I guess then I should go to my quarters and order something to eat.”
“Becky I have another idea,” Pla’ton said, “How about you join me at a restaurant I know of for dinner?”
“I think that is an excellent idea,” Allan spoke from behind them. “Becky you need to get away from here for a while. To my knowledge you haven’t stepped out the building in the last four months.”
Turning she started to protest and Allan silenced her. “Don’t argue with me. It will do you good. Besides you’re representing our race. It’s high time you mingled a little with the Mistia people. Unless you don’t want to be with the major.” He quirked an eyebrow.
She cast a glance at the major beside her. He was handsome and she liked him. He had a muscular body, rugged masculine face and a great personality. What’s not to like?
“It’s not that. My duties here…” she started.
“Can handle you taking a night off.” Allan interrupted. “In fact, since tomorrow starts the two day rest period and we don’t have any negotiations. I think in addition to going to dinner tonight you should take tomorrow off. The Major might even be convinced to take you sightseeing.” The ambassador quirked one eyebrow at Pla’ton in question.
“Most certainly ambassador. I would be happy to take her for a tour.”
Becky was speechless. Dammit Allan you manipulating bastard. She glanced to the side at Pla’ton. His lips were pressed tightly together to silence his laugh but the twinkle in his ice-blue eyes told her he was enjoying watching her boss lecture her.
The shit. She refused to provide him the satisfaction of knowing how pleased she was to be asked to dine with him.
“And you are pleased,” Randy, her AI, said.
“Shut-up Randy. I don’t need you adding to my discomfort.”
Randy’s chuckle hummed in her head but he didn’t make further comments.
“Well major, it appears in order to please my boss.” She stressed, please my boss. “I will be accepting your dinner invitation. So, is what I’m wearing acceptable at this place you have in mind?”
Pla’ton gazed at her silver and black jumpsuit. “It probably would be, but maybe something a little dressier.”
“I see. Well then I’ll change clothes.”
Pla’ton smiled. “And so will I. Can you be ready in about an hour?”
“I’ll be ready by then. I’ll meet you by the elevator going down to the lobby.” She turned and stalked away. As she passed Allan, she whispered, “I smell a plot here and I will make you pay even though you are my boss.”
Allan’s response was a quickly suppressed chuckle.
Pla’ton hid his grin. Even though spoken in a whisper, he’d heard Becky’s promise to Allan. He liked Becky and he hoped she liked him in return. Even though she was of another species she was the first woman he had felt attracted to in a long time. 
His gaze shifted from Allan to Becky’s back as she stormed from the balcony and took quick strides to the elevator leaving no doubt in his mind she was upset. He had asked Allan if it was acceptable to ask her out to dinner and Allan had told him that it was not only acceptable but would be nice. It had taken him weeks to work up the courage to ask Becky out and now this. Allan had angered her. Evidently Allan was tired of waiting for him to make a move.
“I think I pissed her off,” Allan chuckled.
“I think you’re right. And now that you’ve stirred her up you expect me to take that angry woman out to eat?” he asked.
“Yep.” Allan chuckled. “We have a word to describe a woman like her, spitfire. It means highly emotional and hot tempered.”
 “Thanks. Thanks a lot.” Shaking his head, he left Allan standing on the balcony and strode to the elevator.
Arriving on the nineteenth floor he walked down the hall and entered his room to get ready. When finished Pla’ton closed the door behind him and glanced down the hallway. Becky was waiting at the elevator with her arms folded under her breasts. Not saying a word, she spun quickly and stepped into the car to wait.
He joined her, the doors closed and the car started its journey down. Glancing to his side, Pla’ton appraised her. Becky had removed the tight bun that normally confined her blonde hair. Instead it hung softly on her shoulders. She had painted her lips a glossy white. The off-white dress covered her completely from just below her neck to just below mid-thigh contrasting wonderfully with her ebony skin. It was tight enough to accent every inch of her delicious looking curves. For a short person, Becky had long muscular looking legs.
“I hope you don’t gnaw my face off for saying this Becky, but you look fabulous.” Her reaction took him by complete surprise.
She burst into laughter. Controlling her outburst she said, “I think you meant to say, bite my head off instead of gnaw my face. I’m not going to bite your head off and thank you for the compliment Pla’ton.”  She studied him openly from head to toe. “You look pretty damn fine yourself.”

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