Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Excerpt from a WIP

This posting is short but I hope ominous. 

Deep in the recess of her mind, Meg knew she should be frightened out of her wits. Somehow she knew what was taking place here tonight would change her life forever if she even survived. But she couldn't summon that fear to the forefront of her thoughts. She was certain part of the reason was the wine. Part was the hypnotic beauty of the ceremony she was taking part in and the stunning magnificence of Lamia and her minions.
Lamia approached and stood between her legs looking down at her. Meg saw Lamia's eyes were glowing red. For the first time she was certain the woman standing before her was the demon Lamia.
"Are you ready to join my minions Meg?" Lamia asked.
Meg grimaced. "Do I have a choice?"
Lamia smiled "There are always choices. You can choose not to join us and we will kill you just as we intend to do with the men."
Meg jolted at the thought of Joe and Mark being killed.
"Maybe you should kill me. Maybe that would be better than being your slave," she spat.
"Is that your wish?"
She considered it but the urge to go on living no matter what, took control. She looked away from Lamia.
"That's as I thought," the demon said.
"Fuck you," Meg managed.
Reaching out Lamia stroked her inner thigh. "I'm certain sometime we will, but not tonight."
The demons words, not tonight, played through her, its meaning impressing even on her fogged mind. There will be other nights. How long will I be here?
Reaching between her legs, Lamia slipped two of her fingers between her folds. Lamia removed her hand and raised it so Meg could better see. Meg gulped when Lamia open her fist. Coiled up in her palm was a milky white serpent with beady red eyes. It was about the size of a baby garter snake. Lamia petted the snakes head affectionately. The snake stuck out its forked tongue. "I'd like you to meet one of my babies. We'll call her Sassy, a very appropriate name, don't you think, since you are. Sassy will soon be your good friend." The snake slithered across Lamia's palm and threaded through her fingers. "Sassy is going to take up residence in you Meg. She will bring about a change in you and insure your loyalty to me."
Meg swallowed hard and nausea clutched her stomach at the thought of having that snake anywhere near her to say nothing of in her. "Oh hell no!" Meg struggled mightily and futilely against her restraints seeking to escape the pending event.

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